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What Marissa Mayer Wears in Vogue Doesn’t Matter

Oh, I hate to be so predictable as to write anything about Marissa Mayer, but I simply can’t stop myself this time.

So, Mayer was featured in Vogue, and a particular photo of her laid out on a chaise lounge in a form-fitting dress and stilettos has provoked the angry people that care about such things. Apparently none more so than some guy named Steve Cody who writes for Inc.

Cody’s Inc article starts by comparing Mayer to Martha Stewart (convicted criminal) and Paula Deen (now largely assumed to be a racist) and just goes downhill from there. In rapid succession he mocks her choice to wear expensive clothes, her ‘faux geekiness’ (but also her valley girl speak), calls her a micromanager, and overall is so unconsciously chauvinistic that I want to start a fund to send him to therapy to address whatever underlying issues he’s clearly suffering from. Read more

My Interview with The HR Fieldguide

I consider it a great honour to be featured this week at The HR Fieldguide, as part of Erik Smetana’s ongoing ’9 Questions’ interview series. If you’re not fortunate enough to already be familiar with The HR Fieldguide I recommend that you add it to your ‘must-read’ list immediately. Erik produces a consistently great mix of musings, deep HR thoughts, and HR thought leader interviews…it’s a truly terrific HR blog. You can check out my interview here.

Happy New Year!

Well, 2013 is here, and so far it’s shaping up to be a fantastic year! I am so grateful to note that I am  listed on the HRBN/Starr Conspiracy 40 Under 40 HR Bloggers list, alongside so many of my favourite bloggers who  inspire and inform me daily. What an honour (and always nice to be reminded that 40 is still a few years off…)

Also, if you didn’t catch my previous post ‘HR’s Sloppy Thinking on Culture’, you can check it out on Business Insider’s website this week, as they are republishing it for their audience, which is awesome!

Here’s hoping that the rest of 2013 is a great year for us all!


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