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Are We Worrying About the Wrong ‘Skills Gap’?

There’s been quite a lot of dialogue in recent years about the ‘Skills Gap’, and the ‘War for Talent’, most of which is a lamentation about the finite proportion of in-demand, skilled workers that our organizations are playing tug-of-war over. If and why this gap persists is a subject of some controversy, but that’s not what this post is about. It’s about a different, and undoubtedly real skills gap, one that HR and business leaders should be truly worried about. Rather than existing at the narrow pinnacle of the workforce ‘pyramid’, it’s found below, eroding its crumbling base. Read more

Organizational Analysis, with 50,000 of My Closest Friends

Have you tried a MOOC yet? That’s a Massive Open Online Course…but you’re forgiven if you thought it sounded like a new cheese snack for kids (They’re Moooocalicious!). It’s likely that 2012 will be remembered as the year that MOOCs hit the mainstream. Udacity, Coursera, MITx and edX- premier institutional organizations are offering their courses to anyone, free, online. Is this the future of education and learning? Does it signify that open education ideals have been realized?

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