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Posts tagged ‘Neuroscience’

Engagement, Transparency and the Human Brain

Let’s face it: HR has engagement-fever. If you and your organizations haven’t been infected yet, it’s only a matter of time (or maybe a matter of one more headline trumpeting yet another study correlating ‘engagement’ with organizational performance and even profit margins). Combine this incessant stream of engagement coverage with the current abysmal employee engagement numbers (such as those presented by the recent Ipsos Reid study I discussed in my last post), and you have a recipe for organizational hysteria.

But let’s put aside (for a minute), the need for a much clearer definition of what everybody means (and does not mean) by “employee engagement”, and the need for an increased understanding of the relationship between engagement and the other organizational data it has been correlated with. Put that aside, and jump on the bandwagon with me for a short ride to consider engagement, transparency, and the human brain…

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The Neuroscientists Made Me Do It…

Are you as fascinated as I am by the recent surge in attention to neuroscience as a source of insight into how our brains impact our productivity, creative problem-solving, and capacity to deal with change at work? NO?! Then one of us really needs to get out more…

…and when you do we should go to the NeuroLeadership Summit in New York, because I think we’d leave smarter people, even if it’s only via osmosis. Lucky for us, these neuroscientists are generous folk, and they were kind enough to stream this year’s event for free (and I have to say that it was of superb quality as well).

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