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The Countdown to my 100th Post Continues: #4

Hello again and happy Thursday. As part of the countdown to my 100th post (on October 29th), I’m sharing my top 5 most-read posts of all time, and a few that I really liked, but that hardly anyone else read.

Here’s my 4th most-read post of all time:

Utopia, Dystopia, and the Future of Work – March 2013

“So, which of these possible futures is more likely? Well, each of these ideas comes from smart people who simply interpret the omens differently. Reading them may lead the pessimists among us to assume that calamity is certain, and the optimists that utopia is nigh, but the truth is likely neither.”

And one I liked, but that hardly anyone read:

HR: Organizational Cheerleader or Agony Aunt? – December 2014

“And should you work for an organization that has made it clear that it’s not interested in exploring how to help itself, that insists that you slap lipstick on a pig and keep telling people it’s a show horse, sit down with some Dear Sugar. Let her fearlessness inform your own. Do not settle for cheering the good; dig into the dark corners, find the ugliness of your organization and pull it into the light.”

See you next week for my 3rd most read post…

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