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Countdown to My 100th Post: #3

Hi! We’re getting close now… a few short weeks until I hit post 100. Hope I don’t run out of ideas for 100 and just type “People are our most valuable asset” 100 times…

Anyway, I’m sharing my third most read post of all time this week. But I’m sort of cheating. This is the third most read post on this site, but back in 2012 Business Insider was re-publishing some of my posts (with more click-baity titles) and this one racked up over 10,000 views on their site (and some really nasty comments, because the internet, amirite?). On the other hand, I got more e-mail about this post than any other and it was all from lovely humans 🙂

HR’s Sloppy Thinking on Culture – December 2012

“Prescriptions for how we can change our organization’s culture are tossed around like recipes, with barely a mention of what we mean when we say ‘culture’. This is not just about semantics. It’s actually really important: sloppy thinking leads to sloppy actions, and frankly, that’s reflected in too much of the current discourse about organizational culture. As a profession that still struggles with gaining the credibility we deserve, HR simply can’t afford to be so imprecise about something we claim is so important.”

And here is one I sort of liked, but not many people read:

HR and the Art of Oppression – April 2013

Please click through to the photo associated with this ridiculous story…it still makes me laugh.

“The quote reminded me of a surreal story I’d recently heard from a friend, who related that his sweet tooth was often stymied by the overly vigilant Health & Safety committee in his (exceptionally safe) office. Apparently, they had issued strong objections to the bowl of M&M’s he typically has on his desk, since the candies are not individually wrapped, presenting a hygiene concern. No, a spoon will not do. The candies must go. Sad face…”

See you next week for post #2!

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