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Countdown to Post 100: #2

This is it…the penultimate post in the countdown to #100. Without further ado, here is the second most read post on Talent Vanguard:

HR’s Future: ‘People Persons’ Need Not Apply – May 2013

“Pretend for a second that you are the CEO of an organization- would you hire someone, or an entire team of people, who are more interested in ‘helping people grow and develop’ than in working to ensure your organization’s success? Without doubt, those aims will sometimes align (hurray!), but frequently they will not. That is, this isn’t a subtle distinction. It is substantive difference of opinion, and we should be talking about it more as a profession. Are we really comfortable advancing the notion that we can add strategic value to the businesses we are part of, while many of our HR colleagues are in fact far more interested in supporting individuals than organizations? This is a very important conversation indeed.”

And, another post that I thought was pretty decent, but did not attract many readers:

Organizational Plumbers – October 2013

“Moving from being an organizational plumber to a strategic advisor and influencer is no small feat, which is why it is best approached with oodles of patience and a sly, incremental mindset. To begin to edge out from behind the scenes and get ahead of the clogs and leaks, one must be keenly focused on opportunities to drive internal conversations about patterns amongst the problems. Whether it is high turnover of key employees, disability claims, or conflicts emanating from a particular group, drawing attention to the underlying commonalities between some recurring urgent issues is the first step towards being seen as something other than a fixer of messes.”

We’re nearly there! Next week I’ll sharing the most-read post of all time on Talent Vanguard, and my top pick for a post I liked and others, well, didn’t.

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